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​June 17, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I was first informed of American Heir, LLC in November 2018 when one of their associates began contacting my youngest sister about a possible “inheritance” due to us from the passing of our mother. Since our mom passed away over 18 years ago and she was financially bankrupt at the time, we assumed this was a scam or for the wrong person. We agreed as a family to just ignore it and they would go away.

After a few months I received a call from them with the same info. My gut instinct told me this was too good to be true, so I was very skeptical. The employees with American Heir were not pushy at all. They answered all my questions and put up with all the back and forth I was giving them as I did my own research.

I knew there had to be some legitimacy to their claim, as they knew an awful lot about my family and our situation. They never asked for any money up front; only for us to sign documents allowing them to pursue this claim on our behalf. Since it seemed too good to be true, I did a ton of my own research but came up empty handed. I couldn’t find anything other than, this is a legitimate style business that researches claims such as ours that heirs would never even know existed. They do the leg work and charge you a “finder’s” fee once money is collected on your behalf.

So ultimately, we decided to work with them. Since my siblings are scattered throughout the country, American Heir made arrangements to get the paperwork to everyone and signed, even sending a mobile notary to some that were not able to travel. He met with me on a weekend to make it more convenient for me.

If you are ever contacted by an heir company such as this, I would say do your homework and make sure they are not a scammer. Do not pay any money up front for these services! However, if you are contacted by James at American Heir, I would be confident in doing business with them. I know if the situation ever presents itself again, I will not hesitate to work with James and his team!


Alisha H.