CALL IF FOUND is the newest service from American Heir.

People lose important and expensive items every day. Call If Found brings the lost and found to you!

Our busy lives make it hard to keep track of everything. Whether it's a credit card at a restaurant, a laptop at an airport, a mobile phone in a taxi, or a briefcase on an airplane; 

Register at Call If Found and  you will receive 15 labels to place on your personal or business belongings, greatly increasing your chances of finding your lost or misplaced property. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery of your labels. Labels will contain our website, our hone number and your account number.

Call If Found is only, $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. Our e-mail is or call 913 888-4347 for more information.

Call If

As an international search firm, American Heir locates missing heirs and beneficiaries to connect them with their rightful entitlement.

Historically, people are extremely skeptical when we initially contact them. Thinking it's too good to be true, many people think it must be a scam or that we are trying to steal their identity.

Eventually, they come to understand that they, in fact, are an heir or beneficiary.

While all of our cases differ, we have found that most people are entitled to at least a few thousand dollars, and some are even entitled to several thousand dollars.

Missing Heir & Beneficiary Location

Over 35 Years of Experience

"Travel Into The Past With American Heir"

Contingent, Hourly and Fixed Fees

When working with a client to find missing heirs we offer three fee structures: contingent, hourly or fixed.

American Heir works largely on a contingent fee basis, and we are only paid if and when the asset or asset is released to the found heir or beneficiary.

If the asset is not released, we do not seek reimbursement for our expenses. However, when funds are released, those funds, including our fees, are always distributed through an attorney's trust account.

Our clients include attorneys, executors, administrators, trust departments, insurance companies, and banks.

American Heir is a proud member of the Overland Park Kansas Chamber of Commerce and is registered with the Kansas Secretary of State.