American Heir, LLC is an international search firm that locates missing heirs and beneficiaries.

When we locate an heir or beneficiary, most people are extremely sceptical. They think it's a scam or someone trying to steal their identity.

There is no typical case but the funds we discover are at least a few thousand dollars and can easily be several thousand dollars, after our fee.

In most circumstances, we work on a contingent-fee basis. You do not pay us in advance. We are only compensated if the asset we discover is released.

If we fail and the asset is not released, the heirs and beneficiaries never reimburse us for our expenses.


When funds are released they are always paid through an attorney's trust account.

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Contingent, Hourly and Fixed Fees

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Missing Heir & Beneficiary Location

When working with a client that seeking heirs, we have three fee structures. They are contingent, hourly or fixed fees.

In most cases, we work on a contingent fee basis and are only compensated if the asset or assets we discovered are released.

We can provide our services for attorneys, executors, administrators, trust departments, insurance companies and banks.

American Heir is a member of the Overland Park Kansas Chamber of Commerce and we are registered with the Kansas Secretary of State.

We advertise in the ABA Journal and the Kansas Bar Journal. Our office is in Overland Park Kansas in the Bank Midwest building at the Oak Park Mall Complex.

CALL IF FOUND is a new service that's offered by American Heir, LLC.

Placing our labels on your personal or business property will enable more people to recover their lost or misplaced belongings. Cell Phones, laptops, credit cards, wallets and virtually every type of personal or business property.

After you register, we'll mail you 30 labels to place on your belongings. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

Our service is only $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. Our website is, Dramatically increase your opportunity to locate your lost property.​

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